Thursday, June 9, 2011

Women who don't like their children and the women who don't like them

The title may be a bit convoluted, but I'm still steaming. I just watched/listened to the TODAY show interview with the woman who wrote an article for Redbook, about how she "never liked her child". I wanna slap that woman so hard her teeth will rattle. HER expectations were not met?! SHE was disappointed with her child's progress?! What?! But didn't she order the "sparkly Barbie doll" version of a daughter?? Well, damn it, give that woman a refund!!
Did it ever occur to her to have her child examined? Did it ever permeate her self-absorbed consciousness that perhaps the reason the girl did not "achieve" the developmental milestones was because there was a medical problem? Who told her that children are given to us as "trophies" to demonstrate how "worthy" we are? It took this self-involved be-yotch SEVEN years to get around to having her daughter checked out and LO! And BEHOLD! There was a MEDICAL explanation for her difficulties! Of course, by now, her daughter probably ain't too damn crazy about her mother, either! I hope that woman gets an earful of THAT someday.
In the meantime, maybe only adults should have children, instead of limelight seeking, self involved, "its all about ME" women, who think that children are accessories, like a fabulous pair of shoes!
One more thing: go ahead and tell your child you don't like them when they do something you don't like. That way, they can see that "adults" are really just overgrown preschoolers! Insert whine here: "I don't like youuuuuuu".

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