Monday, October 27, 2008

Another "Are you kidding me??" moment

The senior senator from Alaska was just convicted on seven (that's SEVEN, folks) felony charges, and yet he is still entitled to run in the upcoming election, and if elected, eligible to take his seat in the Senate, because (are you ready for this?)


Gotta love this country!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

From an undecided voter, Pt.2

The McCain supporters are already starting the refrain: we are not responsible for what "some" people say/do. Hate speech is hate speech, and actions not discouraged, are actions encouraged. Radio personalities who encourage fringe groups and believers to act out their hate speech, and then try to hide behind the First Amendment have to accept responsibility for their words, and so should the McCain supporters. We criticized Islamic clergy in this country for not speaking out against the violence by some fringe believers. Why should McCain and Palin not be held to the same standard?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

From an undecided voter...

Let me be clear. I have not "fallen in love" with either of the major candidates for president. I have not followed the debates until tonight; mostly because, like talk radio, I cannot simply listen and observe, I tend to start arguing with the speakers even though they cannot actually hear me. I am forced to watch tonight, because my husband is deeply interested, and this is a small house. However, if the vote goes to McCain at this election in November, then the American people as a whole have not listened, have not read, and have not used reason to make their decision. I may not be "in love" with Obama, but I will remain "an old maid" if my choice is only McCain.