Saturday, June 11, 2011

Whatever happened to freedom of speech?

There is no such thing as freedom of speech anymore. Freedom of speech was abolished when the first person who was offended by someone else's opinion stood up and whined, "That's not funny! You can't say that! That's _________phobia! (fill in your personal favorite of any number of minority groups)".
I may not like what you say, or even how you say it, but when did we forsake the duty to protect each other's right to say it anyway??! I'm not even going to go into the number of persons/groups/entities which are "permissible" to offend. Just don't touch someone's personal sacred cow, or HOLY MOLEY! Watch the cannonballs fly!! Twice this week, a celebrity (newsflash: they are also allowed to have personal opinions, even if you don't like their opinions) came under fire for what he said. Here's a bit of earthshattering news: Adults don't have to agree with each other, they can say what they like. If you feel you need to "correct their thinking", fire ahead, but don't be surprised if they choose to maintain their original standpoint. What you have NO RIGHT to do, is tell them that they CANNOT speak their mind!!! That is the essence of Freedom of Speech. Look it up, people.

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AnnaMariePorter said...

To quote Gabby Johnson: "Rah-rah!" Good for you!!